User and host delay

There is about a one second delay - we ran multiple clap tests and individuals joining will always clap about one second after host - this is a major problem because we record screen and locally via mic for our podcast - can this be corrected, if not, sadly we will need to stop using the app - btw, this has only been happening the last 6 mos or so - thanks

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Can you explain a bit more in detail how you perfrom the clap test? Are you refering to a delay of the videos not being played in-sync or a delay in the webcam system?

i have an issue with my room host not being able to hear me ive refreshed on 20mbps download and he is the only one who can not hear me i dont know what else to do and was wondering if i missed something i can do to fix this issue any help would be appreciated

i screen record and the recording has overtalk - also there is a delay in conversation live as well - if we try and clap simultaneously, due to your system, i will clap and then see the user clap about 1 second later

by the way, i only started seeing this issue about 6 mos ago and it happens in all browsers and on phone

Hi goose. Which browser are you using?

we are both using microsoft edge also if it helps it seems i can hear him fine and he can hear everyone but me

An everyone else can hear you as well?

Could you try to create another room for testing purposes with only you and the host and check if you see the same issue?

Trying another browser could also help.

yes they can see me as well the host can not see me nor hear me i thought it was network related but my speeds were around 20mbps down which usually is sufficient enough but i will try your reccomendations as well and let you know in the mean time if it it improved ny issue thank you

Hi Frangelica, thanks for the info. It’s still not 100% clear to me whether you are talking about a delay of the video being played in the player or about the webcam system?

both - delay on my recording and delay while having a live discussion - also delay on live video - often times live video will be in sync at the start of the session then i will start seeing a delay with lip syncs about half an hour in

i tried your reccomendations as you said and the host can nott hear me still

But others except the host in the same room can hear you, right?

Yes that is correct they can even hear and see me but the host still cannot

Could it be that the host simply turned down the audio of your webcam stream with the volume slider in your user avatar?

no he says im the only one who he can never see or hear i hear him but my mic never works for him nor my camera but any other users who are not host can hear and see me just fine