Unwanted guests

Sometimes random people join my room who can’t have the link to it, so I would like to know how I can prevent this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi… that should not happen of course. Can you tell when these users appear? Like right after you have joined the room yourself or reloaded the site?

Sorry but I didn’t notice any system behind it. One time someone joined while I was with some people in the room and another time we just noticed a new name on the list of the users who were in the room.

OK thanks… most likely these are not real users but bots or crawlers (e.g. from Facebook) that index the page. Did at any time one of these users interacted with the room (wrote something in the chat or changed the video)? How do you and your friends exchange the link to the room. Through any kind of messenger?

No, if they posted something to the chat, than it was not a Facebook / Google bot. How do you share the link of the room?

Sorry, i just read it how you exchange the link. Watch2Gether never pulblishes the link somewhere. So somehow these users must have gained access to the URL. Can you send me an email with the link to the room when this happens again? florian@watch2gether.com