Unpredictable behaviour for webcam and audio feeds

I tried hosting a lockdown film watching event on Watch2gether at the weekend.

The video syncing worked perfectly!

Unfortunately the video and audio feeds were less reliable. Some users could only see our hear certain other users. I wasn’t logged in, and refreshing my tab to see if I could connect properly to all users made the situation worse.

I don’t see others in the forum having these issues. Is it just me? Is there a way to get the video and audio feeds to be more reliable or to fix connectivity if we are in a state where only certain users can see our hear each other?

Thanks so much

Actually I had an issue tonight where we saw each other for video but no audio was coming through. Everyone had their mic on too. There was no issue with the syncing of the stream from YouTube. Just the video chat issue.

We just updated the webcam/audio system. Give it a try and let me know if you are still seeing these issues.