Unknown users in my rooms - no way to get them out?


I’m new and I had a room I was experimenting with and hadn’t shared with anybody yet. But when I came back a few hours later, I had several members! I was sort of worried, but not too much, but today when I was watching with my class, peopple kept pausing the video and some of them weren’t my students. Additionally, I’m concerned about the camera capability. I’m on the premium trial, but I don’t know if there are more controls for the premium or not. Right now, it’s unsafe and scary if random people can Zoombomb and just enter random URLS to crash into people’s rooms.

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Following! Same thing is happening to my karaoke room…and there is no prompt for people to rename themselves, so I can’t tell who’s legit and who’s not.

Hey Anni, you can enable the “Members Only” option in the room settings. This way you have to approve every user before they can enter a room.

How do you share the links to your rooms? Sometimes additional users can popup in the user list when the service you use to share the link scans every URL you enter in order to generate a preview. Keep in mind as well that when you revisit a room after you have cleared your cookies or used an incognito browser window a new user entry will be created in the user list.