Two tabs of different rooms together no longer work

Hi, recently a feature of watch2gether stopped working for me.

I have two different rooms, one called “Music” the other “Ambience”. I can open the Music room in one tab, then open Ambience in another. When I then click on a different video in the playlist of any of those rooms, both rooms freeze up for me and infinitely load.

I used to be able to listen to both rooms at the same time but now this seems no longer the case. Is there a workout or a solution? What I’ve found is that I have to close one room, click on the next track in the room I have not closed, the open the second room again to listen to both.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Which browser are you using? Does it make a difference when you open two separate windows instead of two tabs in the same window?

It works on the Firefox browser. I disabled all my plugins on Google Chrome and it started working correctly again. I’ve enabled ONLY the watch2gether plugin and I was able to replicate the problem again.

EDIT: after uninstalling the watch2gether plugin and installing it into Chrome again, everything started working again as it should. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! You probably can’t check it anymore, but could it be that before you did not have the latest version of the Watch2Gether extension installed? Please let me know if the issue appears again!

I made sure all my plugins were up to date before I uninstalled it. Just installing it again looks to have done it. Thank you for the help!

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