Twitter videos no longer autoplay

Me and my friends use W2G every week to watch videos together, and would frequently post Twitter videos into the playlist as well. This worked perfectly for us until a couple weeks ago, now posting a Twitter link into the playlist shows the whole tweet in the vid window and forces you to sync and play manually.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!! Did you try to install our browser extension? Sync playback should work then…

Hi, I’m having the same issue. In the old player you could just paste in the direct url of a video tweet and it would add the video to the playlist and fit the video to the player border, but now the entire tweet is visible inside the player. Sync playback with the extension does work, but it was a lot more convenient before without seeing the whole tweet.

Thanks for your feedback. I‘ll look into this and will check if the old behaviour can be ported to the new player.