Twitch.TV streams

I was playing videos on youtube with a friend and we wanted to watch a stream. I selected the stream and had no sound, but he does. I have tried re-making the room and still no sound.

Could it be that you muted a stream directly on and that the player remembers your volume settings?

No it’s not that, I even opened the other stream on my 2nd monitor and heard sounds through that instead.

Does it make a difference when you open Watch2Gether in a different browser (e.g Firefox instead of Chrome or the other way around)

I have this same issue right now, the stream is not muted directly on twitch but it is when I try to watch it here…any fix on this??

Thanks for this feedback. So far i have not been able to reproduce this problem. What happens when you move the volume control in the Watch2Gether player? Does this proplem affect all Twitch streams?

Same problem here. Already had it a few weeks ago and it never changed. I have it with Firefox. I don’t have it with Internet Explorer (which tbh i dont use normally). I have it with any stream I put in and if a friend of mine joins the room too he can hear the stream.

Thanks for that feedback as well. I’ll look into this and see if i can find the cause for this issue…

I rolled out a fix that might help in this case. Can you guys check if you still have this issue? Thanks!

Thanks for that feedback. Do you have an adblocker installed?

Ok i understand. In this case it sounds more like a bug in the Twitch player… When you switch to a different Twitch stream, audio works fine? If yes, can you give me the link to the Twitch stream that has the audio problem?