Twitch Clips search bug

i cannot import New Twitch Clips
all twitch clips with a code at the end cant be inported
but without can be inported…

Can you give me an example what “code” means in this case?

for example i post two Links from my F1 2020 league

The New One

The Old one

the New Type of Clips dont work to import…
they dont get found by the search funktion, but by the Old one they get found!

Thanks a lot. Where do you get the new links from? From the clip listing in Twitch?

I just rolled out an update. This should work now!

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I tested it out and its working fine!
Thanks you a lot…
We can now Watch to gether… haha Watch to gether our Clips for our analysis like previously! :wink:
if somthing is off again i write a new post! :+1:

Alright, thanks for that feedback!