Try to explain me this ...?


I recently create account here, but to watch what I want I was asked to apply to “PLUS”. So I put my credit card details. But in same day I delete my account to avoid paying for what I don’t want. AND STILL I receive information that I PAYED for this “PLUS” even I don’t have account … So where is logic here? I’ve already request of chargeback in Paypal and you are ought to delete any information about my credic card details which was created on old account with same e-mail address: And don’t respond here, rather send me e-mail because this site is very hard to find anything including “Help Desk” or “Contact us”.


Hi Cya,

i’ll send you an email but i also would like to write an answer here for everyone else. After you have subscribed to Watch2Gether +PLUS you can cancel your membership at any time from your profile. There is a mechnism in place which should prevent the deletion of your Watch2Gether account before your +PLUS subscription has been canceled. So im not sure how you managed to delete your account before canceling the +PLUS subscription.

I also could not find any reference to any (active or inactive) subscription associatiated with the email address you have mentioned in your post. Are you sure that you used this email address for your previous account? Feel free to continue the conversation here on in the email i’ll send you.


Just for reference: It turned out that user actually used a different email address for his account. This led to the confusion…

I am currently trying to delete my account now and I can not for the life of me, find out where to do it. I’ve looked thru every tab and option. What am I missing? Thank you

Hi… Select “Edit Profile” from your user page, beneath the “My Account” block you find a link to delete your account. Hope this helps!