Trouble with sound when sharing a VLC window


I started using W2G with my GF, and we ve got troubles with the sound.
I m on firefox using U block origin and she s using Chrome with U block origin aswell.
When I share a VLC window, or all of one of my screen, she s able to see it but has no sound.
I tried with chrome aswell and her firefox
disabling U block origin on both
changing the settings of the tab to allow the sound
right click on the player of W2G
Do you have any idea on what could cause this?

Thanks for getting in touch. Sound with screen shares is currently only working with browser tabs and not with other application windows or the whole screen!

yeah only chrome/browser tabs work with sound. The way I get around this is I use Plex and cast the web version of one of my movies and it works perfectly, no audio delay or anything. it works perfect for what I need it for.

Ok, found it so annoying, I searched for another service, and I now use PARSEC and it’s is way easier to setup and work like a charm.
Sorry W2G but you can t beat it…
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