Transfer links to/from playlists inside Watch2Gether

This would be really nice and I don’t think it should be a lot of work making this?

A small button next to the songs in the playlist (that gives you the opportunity to add the current song/link to a specific playlist you or one of your members created.

Example: Main playlist for the room is called “Default playlist”.
Members add songs in the default playlist. Suddenly I hear a great song in there and I wanna add that to my own created playlist in Watch2Gether called “Svends favorites”.

Right now I have to search up that current song myself and then find my playlist and then click the + icon in youtube.

Is this something you been thinking about adding?


I use “MusConv tool” to manage all my music playlists. It works with all the top streaming services and let you save/transfer/import/export your music in various formats among various platforms

I second this option: a way to move / copy links across playlists, or merge playlists together.

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