Toggle Playlist Autoplay


This is my first post here in the WatchTogether community. Just wondering if anyone can assist me in telling me how to get my videos to not autoplay when there are videos in the playlist. I’m using WatchTogether to showcase a bunch of videos one by one to a large group of people, about 10+, and I do not want it to move on the next video until everyone is happy they understood the previous one as this can cause issues with buffering and confusion. If anyone can advise that would be appreciated. :slight_smile: Thanks! ^-^


Hi and welcome… Currently autoplay of the next video is the default and this can not be changed. I have two workarounds for you.

  1. Hit the pause button as soon as the next video has been loaded (obvious one)

  2. Create another empty playlist. Whenever a video has been started switch to the empty playlist. This will prevent that a new video is loaded at the end of the current one. When you are ready to play the next video, switch back to your playlist and click on the video you would like to play.

I agree that this is complicated… I will think about a configuration option the next time I work on the playlist.

Hi Florian,

Many thanks for your reply! I’ll probably use the latter option as I may need to replay the video a few times before moving on to the next one. I just tested it out and it seems to work fine :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Disabling autoplay would be very nice.