This site is Possibly Out of Sync

I have watched Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, and many other anime series from start to finish with friends successfully with little to no hassles up until now where the feature now is no longer able to sync, despite others easily launching the video through watch2gether it has became impossible to resync or set as new, nothing I have tried has worked in resolving this issue whether it be refreshing, new tabs, different series or what have you; Youtube still works fine and is perfectly synced though now Anime Lab refuses to work despite working flawlessly in the past…

Please help!

glad to have Watch2Gether I just can’t use it at all right now :sob:


Thanks a lot for getting in touch! Do I understand you correctly that the same video is working for others but not for you? Which browser version are you using? You can check it here:

It would also be helpful if you could send me an example link to a video that is not working for you. Either as PM here in the forum or via email to

Example Link: […]

The same video works for me and everyone in the sense that it opens properly, although everyone including myself suffers from the video no longer being able to sync, despite any effort to resync or set as new.

I checked my browser version for chrome just now and it says it is out of date so I updated it and retried, and it continues to state that it is out of sync when I’m the only person in it.

PS ‘everyone’ is just 2 people including myself so not like 5 different users with the same issue, thought I should clarify

Thank you very much for the link. I’ll look into this tomorrow!

I really do appreciate it thankyou.
Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!