This new player is horrible

This new player is horrible and unfeasible. Videos crash constantly, switching between videos in the playlist changes slowly.
I would like to know if there is a possibility of a rollback or solution to this problem.

Thanks for your feedback! Can you explain a bit more in detail how the videos are crashing? Are those videos from YouTube?

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At the beginning of each video, it skips a few seconds, in shorter videos it totally spoils the experience.

I’ve been using the platform since 2019 and I think this player was a huge step backwards.

Another problem identified is that when I’m watching a playlist of videos whenever they go out of fullscreen between one video and another, and in the same way as the previous problem that skips a few seconds after the start, when the videos are short it spoils the experience too much.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. The skipping will improve in the course of this week. The new system needs some fine tuning. It’s basically a trade off between sync accuracy and smooth playback and we have not found the sweet spot yet.

Besides this the new player will have a lot of advantages in the future and will be open for 3rd party plugins a well. Thanks for your patience!