This has been said before, but: Shuffle

I’ve been using Watch2Gether for a while now, but my friend and I listen to the same playlist a lot, we’d like to shuffle the playlist in order to get some variation in the songs we listen to. Do you think this would be possible? I understand it’s hard in combination with syncing for all users, but I’m just wondering!


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Ok ok, i got this :slight_smile: I’ll implement a shuffle option next week…

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Wow, that would be amazing! I’m looking forward to this! Let me know when it’s there!

Awesome man! Thanks! We really wanted this and you’re implementing it so quickly, lots of thanks^^

It’s the only pain point I have with this site. Everything else is great; thanks!

Hey everyone… this long awaited feature is available now. Check it out!

Small notice. now it only shuffles on repeat, meaning its possible to hear the song you just heard again. Would be nice to turn that one off too. So it only cycles through the songs once

Thanks for your feedback! I agree that would be a nice addition. It’s a bit tricky to implement this in a synced environment but i will think about it when i work the playlist the next time.

this is awesome. How about a “Next” button so you can skip randomly ?

Good idea. Will add that in one of the next releases!

I know this is a month old, but I don’t want to repost so… here we are

Would it be possible just to have a shuffle button that randomises track order rather than a shuffle mode?
That way you still run through the playlist as normal, but the order is shuffled. No repeats that way and for people who listen/watch the same list it’ll reorganise it to something different.

Hi everyone… i just rolled out a new improved shuffle option which should avoid repeated playbacks of the same video. Check it out and provide feedback please!