The screen is flashing for other party

My girl and I can no longer use Watch2Gether because there’s apparent slowness and flashing on the screen for her every time she enters any room I make. This hasn’t happened before. She is on her tablet and I on my laptop. Can this be fixed? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Can you describe the “flashing” a bit more in detail? Which browser is you friend using on the tablet?

Thanks for replying! The screen flickers on and off nonstop every time she enters a room that I make, and she uses Google Chrome on her tablet.

Thanks for the update. With “screen” you mean the whole page or just the area on the video player on the site?

With “screen” I mean the entire page. But when we tried going on the site again yesterday; the screen was no longer flashing for her…but the area on the video player said “An error occurred”, and we couldn’t watch the video. I hope this gets fixed ASAP, thank you for your continuing assistance :slight_smile:

UPDATE! This error came up in the room’s video player for her today: “An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: tfNomHjkyljncJHh) Learn More”

Please help us :frowning: Thank you

Is she able to watch the same video directly on YouTube? This sounds a bit like a problem specific to her device since I have not seen these symptoms elsewhere. Did she try to clean the browser history & cache? Another option would be to try a different browser such as Firefox for Android.

I think we can watch it on Youtube…I’ve been thinking it’s a problem specific to her device as well. I’ll tell her to clear the browser history & cache and get back to you asap. Does Puffin Web Browser work for Watch2Gether? Thanks :slight_smile:
UPDATE! We finally got it to work again! Thank you soooo much! :smiley:

That’s great to hear. Do you know what caused the issue?