The names of the rooms

Hi, I don’t really know if my thread is that interesting but i had to ask.

So, is there an option to change the name of our rooms ? I personnaly use these for my DnD session and i’m a picky guy, and i would like to change the name of the rooms to make everything clear.

If there isn’t any option, could the devs work on it ? I don’t really know how much work it would represent but i can assure you that i would be very pleased !

Thanks for you’re attention, and by the way sorry for my bad english !

Thanks for your feedback! You can pick a room name when you initially save your room and make it persistent. Or would like to change the name again after you saved it? Florian

Hi, sorry for the delay in response !

I was wondering if we could change it again after we saved it ?

Hi Atlas, no once you picked a name it can not be changed again.