The green bar is not working properly

I cannot click the Play / Pause button and I cannot fast-forward the movie while watching netflix on w2g. A friend of mine can do this and I have lost this function for some time.

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Thanks for your feedback. Which browser are you using? What happens if you click on “Pause” just nothing?

I am using OperaGX. A few weeks ago everything was fine, but recently I can’t use the green control bar at the top while watching together. I can pause the movie or rewind it manually without using the green bar function, but it only affects my movie and not my friend’s. A friend of mine can use the green bar function, and I am the founder of the room.

Thanks! Can you try to uninstall our extension reinstall it from here: Watch2Gether - Chrome Web Store

Does that change anything?

Yesterday I also installed a plug-in and cleaned my browser cookies. Today I did it again via the link mentioned above.

And it did not change anything? What happens if you try to run the site in Chrome (just for testing).

I installed google chrome, everything works there. I uninstalled and installed opera, reinstalled the plug, it doesn’t work.

Thanks a lot. So it seems to be an incompatibility with Opera. I’ll try to reproduce this next week and see if i can find a fix. Thanks for reporting this!

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I just double checked it and the extension works fine with the regular Opera browser. Will have to check GSX though…

I am using Opera GX. I just discovered something. When I press the “open” button and the watch window (netflix) opens, I cannot use the green control bar. When I zoom the video in the upper right corner to the full image, I still can’t use this feature. But when I press the “F11” key, which is responsible for opening the browser in full screen, then I can use this function norl just like before. I don’t know what it depends on, but for now I will use it like that. (If you want, I can record the screen to show what I mean in more detail.)

Thanks a lot for the update. I will setup GX in Windows and give it a try. Do you have the regular Opera browser installed as well? If yes, do you see the same issue there?

Just to add, I have the same issue on Opera GX, tried reinstalling and nothing. Haven’t tried in another browser, but the green bar can’t be paused or moved

Thanks for your feedback! I can confirm this issue now and it seems to affect both Opera and Opera GX. I will try to fix it tomorrow and roll out an update through the web store. As a workaround you can use the player controls in the Watch2Gether window. They should work as expected.

Please make sure to update the extension to version 8.5 - the issue should be fixed now!

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yes… but now I can’t see the green bar! I mean I can’t see it, it just opens a new tab, which does not have green bar. I reinstalled the extension as well, and I’m using Opera GX

From where did you install the extension?

I already had it installed. For like 4 months. Suddenly happened and I reinstalled it from I always get it:

I tried on Chrome, downloaded the extension there and worked, so only happens on Opera GX for me

Can you check in Opera GX if the version of the extension is 8.5?

Yes, I’ve just checked, and I did not change anything between yesterday and today, but it suddenly is working today