Thanks for having non-expiring rooms!

On my discord we frequently use watch2gether to watch youtube videos, however it was always a “hassle” to create a room, because everyone wants to be the one who creates it and then theres like five different links in the channel and everyone joins a different one etc…
To solve it I just created an account, opened a room and set it to not expire. Then I added a few lines of code to my discord bot and now when entering “/watch” the bot sends this one specific link.

Theres always only one link and everyone knows it’s the correct one. Even if mutliple people access the link its always the same one.

Later on I even added multiple rooms whose links can be accessed by entering “/watch <room number/alias>”.

Here’s the thing: This only works because watch2gether allows you to set rooms to not expire! Without this option, the room would be gone the next day and the bot basically useless. AFAIK watch2gether is the only site of it kind that allows this so thanks for that!

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Thanks for the nice feedback! :slight_smile: