Thank you for this awesome website!

I wanted to take some time to compliment the developers on this brilliant website.

I run a very small website as a place for my international friends and I to hang out together over the internet. We’ll play games, post on our board, chat on skype, and of course, watch videos. For the longest time, however, I’ve been looking for a way to integrate these activities into our site. There are a few websites out there that allow people to watch videos in sync, but none with the versatility and the customization that Watch2Gether offers. Perhaps the greatest feature I discovered was that W2G has a special version of their site available that you can embed into your own website. So, that’s exactly what I did!

I was able to take the embedded version of our W2G room and add it to our site, where it acts as a sort of interactive TV channel and radio station that our members are greeted by when they visit the front page. As far as I know, W2G is the only website that allows you to embed the video sync functionality into your own site , something I consider to be a very generous move on the developers’ parts.

In the past, we attempted to launch our own radio station, but setting it up and maintaining it was a technical nightmare and was barely interactive for our members, which is the whole point of having a radio station, in my opinion. W2G just took all of that nonsense and threw it out the window! Now my friends from all over the world and I can kick back and watch videos and listen to music together from the comfort of our own website.

Thank you so much, Watch2Gether. I really appreciate what you guys have done to create such a great platform for everyone, and I look forward to supporting you in the future. Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much for your story and the inspiration for others!