Taking out the Auto Sync Feature for all videos

Is there any way you can take out that Autosync on a video when a user comes in the room? It kinda gets annoying to see the video rewind because of a guest coming in

We love the new changes to the site btw, except for that exact one, I think it should just work like tinychat’s youtube feature albeit way less buggier than tinychat like it is now

Actually the video of the user joining should sync to the point where the others are watching. Does it happen the other way around for you? Does it make a difference whether the owner of the room joins or some other user?

it should actually be the other way around to where it should only sync for the owner of that video ala Tinychat and yes it does make a difference because my friend makes the room more lively and he basically wants a better alternative to tinychat and I think this site has the potential to become the better version of tinychat. im just messaging for him ya know.

I understand what your trying to do adding that feature but there is not a way that can work unless it keeps rewinding the video and we have alot of users that come in the room

Thanks a lot for the details. I totally agree that the video should never skip back. I just wasn’t able to reproduce the issue yet. How many users do you have in your room on average?

about 5 or so but we have alot more that come in the room

Thanks… i rolled out a bug fix yesterday that fixes a similar issue for videos watched through the W2gSync extension. It might have an impact on your situation as well. Are the videos you are watching from Youtube?

yes, but I think it is doing a lot more better now with that bug fix, thank you. I have another bug to report though