Synced Video Not Working - User Issue?


This is my first time using Watch2gether so I’m sure I’m the one doing something wrong so I just need to figure out what it is. I’m trying to watch a YouTube video with two friends at the same time with all three of us using our phones. Please note that we are only attempting to share a video. We are not trying to chat, talk, or share our webcams. I’m using Samsung while my two friends are using iPhone. We are all accessing Watch2gether via chrome or Safari. Here are the steps I take my friends through:

  1. I Create the room
  2. I share the room link with my friends via SMS
  3. They join the room.
  4. I search the YouTube Video I want to play and load it
  5. I start the video

They state that while the see that the video was loaded it does not start for them when I press play.

To that end, is there something I’m doing wrong in the process? Is there a setting I missed? Thank you for your assistance with this.

Thanks for your feedback! It could be that your friends have to tab on the video once after the room has been loaded in order to activate the player.

I see. Thank you for your assistance. To confirm, once everyone in the room activates the player, I should be able to control the video in sync with everyone else?

Yes once the player is activated. This should only be necessary once after page load and not for every video.