Sync problems and slow loading


Discovering W2G has been one of the best things that’s happened to me these past few months, but lately I’ve been having sync issues, especially when a friend loads up a video from their end.

They load a video, the first 2-3 seconds play, and it loops back from the beginning. This happens 3-4 times before the video continues on its own. And it only happens on my end. This causes our videos to be completely out of sync. If I load a video, the 2-3 second “intro loops” don’t happen, but I am always at least 10 seconds behind everyone else.

I’ve also been having unusually long load times when first opening up W2G. Sometimes upwards of 30 seconds. Boxes are empty, no text, etc. And I’m sure my connection isn’t the issue. I’ve tried this with both the most current verrsions of Chrome and Edge.

Please help! W2G is my favorite platform for sharing what I watch and I want to keep using it.

Hey where are you located? All other websites load at normal speed? Do you have any extensions installed in your browser? If yes, does it make a difference when you disable them one by one?

Hi, I’m located in the Philippines. Everything else loads perfectly fine. I don’t have any extensions installed on my Edge browser but it still has the same problem. This problem only started a little over a week ago, but I’ve been regularly using W2G with no problems since November last year.

Can you run a “ping” on your computer and post the output here? It could be that your are routed to the wrong server. Here is a description:

Do you experience the same issue when you create a new room just for yourself?

I just tried pinging and my average was 233ms.

I’m not sure if I experience the same issues alone because the main issue is when someone loads a video from their end in the room and me being about 10 seconds behind.

Hmm when it takes 30 secs to load the room it can have these side effects. Is your system time correct? Did you try to completely restart your computer?

Hi! It just fixed itself now. Not sure if you guys did anything, but thank you! Thanks, Florian and W2G staff!

Thanks for that feedback! We actually tweaked some things to improve connectivity in south-east asia. Im glad it worked out!

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TRULY thank you so much! I really appreciate how responsive and helpful you’ve been with me. I cannot emphasize how grateful I am that my issue was resolved promptly. Wishing all the best to everyone behind W2G! :smile:

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