Sync breaking on video change


For almost a month now I’ve been running into a weird issue with video syncing. Of all my friends it seems I’m the only one experiencing this issue. Upon joining a room, the video starts from the beginning and syncs to the right time only after 20-30 seconds have passed. Weird lag aside, as the video changes, playback begins but the video pauses itself after roughly 3 seconds (of course, still playing properly for everyone else in the room) and the only way of solving the issue is refreshing.

I’ve tested replicating this issue on Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Waterfox (all up to date), they all present the same issue. I tried clearing my browser’s cache to no avail. I tried running Firefox in a private window for the same result. I suspect it might have something to do with my moving to Windows 10, but I’m otherwise clueless.

I also tried to inspect the page using Waterfox and took a screenshot of the console, if that can possibly help.

Hi! The lag when you join a room is quite normal since the sync time needs to be sent by one of the other users. Regarding the Stop after 3 seconds: Does this happen with all videos or only sometimes or with videos from one specific platform? What happens when you create a new room just for yourself and play some videos. Do you see the issue then as well?

So, it’s rather awkward for me to say but the issue might have fixed itself as close as a few hours after I had created this thread. It seems to now work fine on both Firefox and Chrome at least, and I’m absolutely clueless, especially since it has been happening for weeks.

We do tend to use the system to play music in the background, most of which comes from youtube. Since we haven’t used the other platforms much it’s hard for me to tell whether it was a problem exclusive to youtube. Since the problem apparently solved itself overnight, it’s impossible for me to do further testing.

If I had to take a very wild guess, it might have been a sneaky windows 10 update, especially since my PC was apparently not up to date with the latest fall creators update (which politely forced itself into my system). Here’s hoping the issue is solved for good but I can’t help but wonder what was causing it in the first place.

I will run the requested tests in case the issue presents itself again, for now, much thanks for the support and the great app!

Alright, thanks for the update. Let me know if the issue appears again!


As the implications suggest, the issue presented itself again just recently. I can’t think of any changes to my system that might have caused this issue to come back.

As per usual, we have been using youtube. I have tested the issue on a room of my own (both old and newly created) and the player seems to cycle through the playlist fine without interruptions, as it should be. Seems like the problem only presents itself on rooms created by other users, or at least it only seems to affect individual rooms.

Hi and thanks once more for your feedback! Does the issue only appear when a video is autoplayed from a playlist or as well when you select it manually from the search results?

Once again, the issue seemed to solve itself overnight. I’m not sure whether it’s just because time passed by or because I restarted my PC between tests. So, I will have to wait for the issue to present itself again for further testing.

On a different note, we’ve had three different people so far run into a similar problem from time to time. While I’ve had the problem happen on multiple occasions on different channels, the others only had it happen once and both times on my own channel. One thing I can tell is that so far it seemed to only happen to those connecting from the EU region, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s just a coincidence given the random nature of the issue.