Supporting 4K (UHD) Resolution


I just tried W2G for the first time on my new 4K laptop (I’ve used W2G for years on my HD one), and the room you watch videos in plays videos as if they have a low framerate. What I’ve found out from owning a 4K laptop for the past couple of weeks is that apps and websites must support the tech in order for ‘em to display content correctly. If 4K isn’t supported then apps scale incredibly smaller since there’s more pixels on the screen within the same space (think of it as a pixel on a HD screen can fit four 4K pixels inside of it) and user interfaces look blurry since they’re not created to view in 4K definition (which I already knew). When I watch videos on W2G I have to zoom out 50% or more in order for the video to play unaffected and so I don’t bad lag for merely scrolling up and down the page. Yes, scrollin’ on unsupported 4K websites can cause page lag.

So what does this mean eh? Basically, do ya have any plans to support 4K soon?

  • Mars

UPDATE: Can you make it so dashes aren’t converted into dot points too, since I just noticed it after posting this.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Can you post a screenshot how Watch2Gether looks on your laptop?

It looks exactly the same as anyone’s, it’s just that the framerate of the video is slow and scrolling up and down the page is also slow. However, if I zoom out to 50% on the page then they both work perfectly, but then of course everything is shrunk. When I say zoom I mean when you hold down CTRL and scroll ya mouse wheel towards yourself.

It’s not just your website I have this trouble with, most of the major ones like YouTube are supportive of 4K now so I have no video/scrolling problems.

Thank you very much. I did some checks on 4k screens which looked and worked fine for me. But i’ll run some further in-depth test to make sure that Watch2Gether works fine on ultra high definition screens. Thanks for your feedback!