Subtitles have disappeared

The option to enable subtitles is normally in the bottom right hand corner of videos.

Today the option appeared very briefly when loading a room (tried all types - temporary, free membership, paid membership) but disappeared within a few seconds and cant be found anywhere.
This was the case for myself and my friend, in a different country.

I tried in 3 different browsers and encountered the same issue

The same youtube video preloaded by default whenever creating a room so perhaps it was that specific video? But no matter which videos we added, they never reappeared?

As i am hard of hearing, i cannot watch anything without subtitles. This is the kind of accessibility issue that means i (and others) cant use a service

Thanks for getting in touch! There are different kind of subtitles on Youtube. Those supplied and added by the uploader of a video should work on Watch2Gether. The icon in the control bar only appears when such a subtitle is available for a video. Then there are auto-generated subtitles which are available for almost all video but unfortunatly these won’t work on Watch2Gether at the moment. Back then when i added subtitle support it was not possible to get these working. I’ll have a second look the next time i work on the player…