Subtitles/CC languages and no scroll option

So, me and my friends are using watch2gether and want to see videos that sometimes do not have speech or is in another language.
So we usually just use the english CC when it is there, but then there are videos where there are too many languages that the english CC are on the top, and it is inaccessible because there is no scroll function. please help?

Thank a lot for reporting this. Can you provide a link to a Youtube video where this happens?

or other videos with more than 12 languages

Thanks a lot. I just rolled out a fix that makes the items in the CC menu a bit smaller. I guess this should help in most cases.

Thanks alot!, although no scroll, could you maybe expand the menu horizontal as well? dont know if it easier to make instead of a scroll function. it will not look as good with the current layout but i leave that to you guys. but i dont think there are that many videos that contains that many subtitles. it will first get a bit tight with 30+ languages.

Yes, that was more a quick fix. There will be a more profound solution in the future but im happy that it works for you for now.

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Hi, I see that it does work better now since the menus is smaller but videos like SAO Abridged with a lot of subtitles still makes it harder to get to the english subtitle. for other videos, the subtitle is a different experience since there are funny dialogues included that isn’t said in the video. I hope a better fix comes in the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I didn’t even know that there are videos with such a large number of subtitles :slight_smile: I will work on a better solution.

yepp, thanks so much for being really responsive about it. :slight_smile:

I just rolled out another fix which makes the menu scrollable. It should work for as many subtitles as you want :wink: Thanks for your help to make the site better!