Strange Runtime Errors

Whenever I…

  • Click on the X icon to remove an item from the playlist
  • Attempt to add a YouTube video to the playlist

I see strange JavaScript runtime errors in the console:

If only this service used TypeScript and was open-source…

I can not really reproduce this. Does the add / remove to the playlist actually work? Do you see the same error when you create a new empty playlist? Which browser are you using?

I’m not sure what browser you’re using, but these error occur in Firefox 70, and (unGoogled) Chromium 71. Currently, your service seems to be very broken.

This also happens when sending a chat message, when a user joins / leaves a room, and when changing a playlist, which leads to me to believe that this is an error with the common code. I’d offer to take a look, but I couldn’t find your service on GitHub.

Oh, I got another one:

TypeError: this.listener.close is not a function

There does seem to be a line number available to me too.

Hope this helps and this service is fixed. It’s currently very broken for me, which includes not being able to view YouTube videos when loading into a room.

Many thanks,

Thanks a lot for the info. I can assure you that Watch2Gether is generally running fine with the browsers you mentioned. Often these kind of bugs are caused by browser extensions that modify, block or somehow alter or interact with the loaded page. Can you please try to disable your extensions one by one and check if the error messages go away?

What the fu - It was a browser extension. I might get down to fixing that…

Thanks, Florian, and apologies for not checking thoroughly before reporting this <3

Thanks for that feedback! Would mind telling me which extension it was? Could be helpful for other users.

Steer clear of this.