Sticky player bug

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but every day I seem to open my room and sticky player is enabled again. Is this a bug? If so how would one fix this? I’m not a fan of sticky player.

Same happens here. No clue why tho.

Thank you both for reporting this. I tried to reproduce the problem but everything works fine for me… Please keep in mind, that the sticky player setting is stored in a cookie. So whenever you delete your cookies, the seeting will be reseted. Does that explain your experience?

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I don’t think that is the issue in my case as my cookies aren’t getting cleared.

At least now it seems to be saving the sticky player as off so whatever happened it seems to have worked.

Yup it was the cookie issue with me. Only happened in Firefox though.

Sometimes if you have extensions on like adblock, ive noticed it messes with the page settings too. Turning these off, then making changes on the pages and then turning it back on has helped in my personal experience. So far this site seems to work best for me in Chrome. Im using this on a Mac and Win 10 machines.