Start playing in the middle of a video?

Hi. Is it possible to easily start a video NOT at the beginning? It’s of course possible to manually move the slider to the desired start point, but is there a way to add code about where the video should start playing? In essence, something similar to the “Copy video URL at current time” that YouTube offers.

Thierry van Bastelaer

Hi, no this is currently not possible. What would be your use case for this?

I teach a course using W2G, and often I only need specific segments of a video as support. Jumping to a very specific point of a video takes time and is rarely precise, especially in long videos. This would be a useful addition to the software, which is otherwise great.

Thanks for your response.


Thanks for that feedback! I’ll think about something like timestamps maybe within the playlist system.

A thought about this:

As you know, in YouTube, it’s possible to “copy video URL at current time”. Here’s an example: When I paste this time-stamped URL in the window at the top of the W2G page, the time stamp IS included. When I hit Return, the video icon shows up under the screen, below “Search Results”. But when I click on that icon, the video starts at the beginning, not at the 619 seconds. Could YouTube’s entire URL–including the timestamp–be preserved when the URL is captured by W2G?

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.