Spotify search/playlist

Would love to see Spotify integrated, since I use W2G to listen to music with my friends while we’re on skype.

Same here. I chat with my friends through Discord and the band I listen have some of their songs on youtube for example but the ones I like are not posted videos or they have been removed sadly. Would love to see this thing added if possible.

I’m not positive about this but doesn’t spotify require payment to use normally? Or at least pay for songs? Wouldn’t it be a bit hard to include it? I might be entirely incorrect as I do not use spotify however.

Yes, that is an important general question. Should platforms be integrated that require a paid user account and are not automatically open to all users of a room? Would love to hear more opinions!

Perhaps that might be possible. Like having a premium account on a certain website would require other people to have premium to play it.

Say for example… Crunchyroll

If you somehow had a way to show you’re premium you could flick a thing in a room to only allow premium users of that site to join to play content on there that is premium or without ads in this case because its crunchyroll.

While cool in thought I’m not sure how you would implement such a thing.