Spotify Integration

Spotify should be a service that you guys support, in my opinion. I know its possible to have a player that acts as a controller via Web Browser and if you have Spotify on and someone has Spotify embedded into their HTML with a certain song showcased, if you hit play, it’ll play in realtime along with your own Spotify, so I know it’s possible on here.

I may not know the details of acquiring spotify support cause there are premium features that not everyone has unlike soundcloud/YT/Vimeo, also your legal reasons and non, I just know its possible, but then again, I never see any ads from youtube or anything. I dont know. But I think being able to choose songs/playlists to play for friends instead of copy and pasting a different link everytime you find a good song would be convenient, considering what the whole point of this site is.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks a lot for your input! I agree that Spotify would be a great addition to Watch2Gether. The problem is that it would require that everyone in the room has a Spotify account and is signed in with Spotify. From my point of view this would break the Watch2Gether concept that everything just works without any further requirements. But im open for a discussion about this!

True, it would break the synergy that it has going with the needless extra signups, But If one was to need/want Spotify coverage, it’d be a known fact youd need an account anyways to function properly. A player where you can input spotify url codes and send a play message through the Spotify Plyaer on your site and play the current song with whatever the URL was associated with.

I know this is possible cause a spotify embed option is already possible and already functions this way. Maybe some type of player where you can input the Spotify song/playlist URL and show it to all in the lobby?

Thanks for you answer once more. I’ll have a look at the Spotify API again once time allows it. I absolutely agree that it would be a valuable addition if it works out technically.

That’s a very good idea. Me and all my friends would definitely use it!

Thanks for this feedback!