Speedup dailymotion

please let us speedup dailymotion videos.
x1.25, x1.50, etc
it’s a native feature on dailymotion.com

Thanks for your feedback. While its a feature on dailymotion it seems like they are unfortunately not exposing this feature on their embedded player API.

wouldn’t it be possible to apply it manually afterwards?
w2g grabs the video how it is and then simply plays it back at a higher speed itself?

i saw you made a unified player ui.
you are now using the same bar for dailymotion and youtube.
the bar is nice but doesn’t tell you how long a video is, unless you pull the pointer to the end of the video.
that sucks.

Watch2Gether is not “grapping” the video, we have to use Dailymotions own player to comply with their terms.

PS: I’ll add the duration back soon.

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nice. thank you good sir.