Soundcloud Songs Not Adding

I have a playlist of 24 soundcloud songs, but for some reason when I import the playlist only 11 songs get imported. I have also tried adding them individually and that doesn’t work either. I double checked and none of them are soundcloud premium songs in case that could have been the issue.

Playlist link for testing:
Songs that worked (I tried multiple times in different rooms):
Forbes by G-Eazy, Flight Facilities Crave You, Black Coast, Afterhours, Him and I, Scared to be Lonely, Shenanigans, Summer Love, NF - Lie, Better Not, Outrunning Karma

Thanks a lot! It seems like SoundCloud has limited access to certain songs on embed players. I guess this is due to licensing issues. But i’ll have a look at your list anyways and check what’s causing the problem. BTW, we are launching a Deezer integration soon!