Soundcloud search API & songs not working

Hi. Don’t know whether this has been identified but recently Soundcloud API stopped accepting requests from W2G domain, so we can’t use the search to insert playlists or songs. This behaviour has been reproduced on two machines so far.

A quick F12 suggests there seems to be an issue with the CORS setup.

Browser: Google Chrome, O/S: Windows 10, AdBlockers: None.

All the best.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, i appreciate it! There was indeed an issue because of an API change at Soundcloud. I have deployed a fix and you should be able to add single tracks again. Sets are not yet supported. Please check it out and let me know if it works for you!

It is working again.

Thanks much!

Also if you need any help finding bugs or just having someone else to look at the code, I’d be happy to possibly chip in. Thanks again.

Thanks a lot for your offer! Qualified bug reports are always very welcome!