Soundcloud Content Broken

Entering a soundcloud piece into W2G breaks the room. It will sometimes play for one person or another, but it does not sync properly for all participants. A workaround for those that do not play has been to click on the soundcloud link and load the site directly. Once it is loaded, W2G seems to be able to handle the syncing just fine.

I know soundcloud is fairly draconian with their traffic (not allowing mobile browsing outside of the app) so this may be an issue with them directly.

Thanks for that feedback! I’ll have a look at it tomorrow.

I just ran some tests and the Soundcloud integration seems to work alright. Can you provide some more details on how it’s not working for some of you? It the widget not loading at all? Could this be related to a browser incompatibility?

Browser: Google Chrome

The Soundcloud player loads; however, one of us pressing play does not play it for the other person. Sometimes (but not all of the time) it will start working if we open the soundcloud link directly and let it play through that tab.

The play and pause button doesn’t update state when this error happens. W2G will; however, show the “User has pressed play” notification in the top-right of the player.

Both users are using U-block origin, but the issue is only present with the soundcloud integration.

Can both of you try the following: In Chrome click on the lock symbol on the left of the URL bar. In the dropdown menu look for the “Sound” option and set it to “Allow” (These settings might be translated if your browser is not in English) Does that help?

It seems to have fixed it. Will take more use on our end to be sure.