Someone joining switches playlist

Every time anyone joins the room, it automatically switches to the first playlist but still highlights the previous playlist, saying that they changed it. When I enable moderation, only I switch the playlist.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ll have a Look…

I tried to reproduce the issue but i’m not sure if i understand it correctly. You mean when somebody joins a room, the playlist drop down menu switches automatically to the first playlist? Or just the content of the playlist changes? Would be great if you could describe the problem with some more details. Thank you!

Here is a video of it happening:
It switches the playlist with everything inside. (friend joined and rejoined because of my recording mistakes)

Thank you very much for making that video! I see what you mean and will try to reproduce it tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!

Ok, i found the cause for this issue and just rolled out a fix. Have a look!