Slow Typing & Keyboard interaction

When watching on mobile, using Samsung Internet, when typing the input lags going into the room. So I can type a full sentence but it will take 1-2 minutes before it fully types out in the rooms chat before I can send it. My keyboard is also pushing the screen up so I cant type and watch at the same time. Is there anything I can do on my end or is this a proper issue?

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Does it work better when using a different browser such as chrome? Which Samsung device are you using exactly?

It does work better when using chrome, and I am using a Samsung A73.

I don’t use chrome usually as the interface isn’t as friendly for the room, and it isn’t my default browser making it more effort to open the room on it.

Thanks for the info. Do i understand correctly, that you type a letter and then it takes a while until the letter becomes visible in the chat input? Do you see the same behaviour when you type something the search input? Did you every see this on another website or does your phone have any other performance issues?

It is the same when typing in the search input. My phone doesn’t have any other performance issues and I see this issue nowhere else. All other websites on Samsung internet or on other browsers work perfectly. This is one of the reasons I thought it a site issue versus a hardware issue.

Thanks! Do you see the same issue when logging out and then typing your username and password in login dialog?

I don’t have a device with Samsung Internet on hand at the moment. But I’ll to organize something.

No there is no issue entering the username and logging in or entering an alias, both of those function smoothly.

I hop it doesn’t become too large an issue.

No it’s good to know about this. I’ll let you know if I can figure something out!

BTW: Does this happen as well when you create a fresh room just for yourself?

No it’s fine when I just made a temp room to check. We have a lot of videos saved in the playlist, could something like that affect things?

Yes that could have a performance impact. When you switch to a list with only a few videos does it get better? It’s a known issue which will hopefully addressed soon.

Yes when I switch to a list with fewer video is did get better. I can’t believe it was something as simple as that, I best get to removing some of the old ones then in the meantime XD.

Thank you so much for the assistance you’ve been brilliant.