Skipping videos

Yes hello, for a little over a day now me and a friend in my channel have been experiences skipping videos. Neither they or I have been skipping the video and it does so by itself changing between saying that I have fast-forwarded/rewinded or that they have fast-fowarded/rewinded.

• I have deleted and recreated the room.
• I have deleted and reuploaded the individual video / playlist.
• I have tried different videos.
• Tried just me and myself, still happens.
• Tried with different people other than the aforementioned.
• I’ve tried different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, the dreaded I.E.).
• Tried it without ad-block.
• Tried it with ad-block.
• Tested with incognito and without; same thing happens.

Even recorded a video for science! Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! What happens (just for a test) when you go to the moderation settings of your room and enable moderation for “player”. Do you still experience this skipping?

… and another question. The videos you are watching are hosted on YouTube?

Enabling the moderation setting for ‘player’ seems to have fixed it? Also, yes, the videos were hosting from youtube.

When the video was skipping did the system only show you as the one causing the skips? Or other users as well?

Stated above; It jumped between showing that I was skipping or the others were skipping.