Site View & Custom Url

  1. I like hanging out here with my friends, but the look of the site bothers us. You can switch to a much simpler view.

also it would be nice to have a custom url setting feature.

  1. I may be asking a little too much, but as someone who has dealt with codes a little bit, I think it would be nice to use special characters when naming the room.

Thanks for your feedback. Can you describe how a simpler view would look like for you?

What I mean by simplicity is that everything has a proper place and color harmony.

This is a site view, I didn’t give it because I thought it would be wrong to give the name of the site.

I think it will have such a look and leave a very good impression with the theme changing system.

Let’s make custom room URL option a priority?

I don’t really see the interest for a custom url to be honest, could you explain what’s the advantage?