Site View & Custom Url

  1. I like hanging out here with my friends, but the look of the site bothers us. You can switch to a much simpler view.

also it would be nice to have a custom url setting feature.

  1. I may be asking a little too much, but as someone who has dealt with codes a little bit, I think it would be nice to use special characters when naming the room.

Thanks for your feedback. Can you describe how a simpler view would look like for you?

What I mean by simplicity is that everything has a proper place and color harmony.

This is a site view, I didn’t give it because I thought it would be wrong to give the name of the site.

I think it will have such a look and leave a very good impression with the theme changing system.

I don’t really see the interest for a custom url to be honest, could you explain what’s the advantage?

To keep out banned members from trying to re-enter the room under different aliases. This problem would be solved if we were able to change the url. While we could make a whole new room entirely, we would have to update the playlists again etc.

Thanks for your input! How about setting the room to “Members Only” in the moderation settings. This way every new member has to be approved and can not enter without permission.

We already have the room set to “Members Only”. The banned person simply tries to rejoin under a different name or acting as a member. Could we IP ban the user? He would change VPN’s or continue to try logging in using a member’s name to sneak in.