Site abruptly stopped working on mobile

Hello! I’ve been using watch2gether for a few months now and it’s been wonderful watching videos together with my long-distance gf. Unfortunately, the site’s been inoperable for the last few weeks.

Videos don’t play at all. Sometimes of us can click play and start the video for her, but I am stuck on the thumbnail. Sometimes I’ll be stuck on the thumbnail and a :no_entry_sign: sign will go over anything i click, like the play button or the options to change the appearance of the room. I am running iOS 12.4 on an iPhone 8, and the error occurs on 3 separate browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Any idea what’s gone wrong?

I assume that the one of you who created the room has (accidentally) enabled the room moderation feature in the room settings. This is intended for larger groups to make sure only the owner can change things. Try to disable these or create a new room and check if you have the same problem there. (The setting should be disabled by default)

The :no_entry_sign: appears and blocks me when the moderation stuff is on, but even when it’s off, i can’t play the videos. I press the play button and it causes the video to play for my girlfriend, but i’m stuck on the thumbnail. I can select what video to play and she’ll see it, but i’m still stuck on the thumbnail. I can also type in the chat fine.

here’s a cap of where i get stuck. this is a brand new room i just made now for testing purposes

Can you send me the output of (As private message if you prefer).

Looks like you are using Firefox for iOS. Do you experience the same issue when you use Safari?

Yup, Chrome too. It also stays the same whether I’m on wifi or off.

OK, i will do some tests on iOS next week. I think its somehow related to the browser engine available on iOS 12 but i need to look into the console output of the browser in order to figure out the cause of the problem.