Sharing System Audio While screen sharing

There MUST be a functionality to share system audio (Either in Mono or Stereo) while sharing a screen
The absence of it just makes this service very unreliable

Hello :relaxed:
You can share the system audio.
My best friend and I are watching movies together all the time with the shared system audio. You have to tick the box with the option while sharing the screen. ^^

Thank you both for your contribution. Web browsers have some limitations when it comes to screen sharing. Some are able to capture system audio while other are not & it depends on the operation system as well. If you use Chrome you should be able to capture system audio on Windows and MacOS.

Capturing audio from browser tabs should work most of the times. This can sometimes be used as a workaround by playing video or audio files directly in the web browser instead using another video player.

When using Chrome you can only share audio when sharing a single Tab. Sharing window or full desktop does not support sharing audio.

Thanks for your input. At least on Windows it should be possible to share system audio as well!