Select Youtube audio track

Youtube seems to have rolled out a new feature to more channels where they can upload different audiotracks for different languages.
This sadly causes an issue as you can’t select audio tracks in W2G yet so videos default to the local language when you attempt to view videos in a different language with friends.

Can a similar option like Youtube’s track selector be added to W2G as well?

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Thanks for letting me know! I’ll check out if this feature is available for the embedded player as well!

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Any updates on this?
It appears the embedded YT player allows selecting audio tracks. Not sure how complicated it is to implement in W2G’s player

Hey… can you provide me with a link to an YT video that has multiple audio tracks?

Sure, here you go /watch?v=HwAPLk_sQ3w

Thanks a lot! I had a quick look at Youtube’s player API docs but i could not find a method to switch the audio track. I’ll have a deeper look the next time i work on the player.

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Any news about this so far?