See other person while using full screen on mac not working

So me and my girlfriend are trying to see each other while we are both on fullscreen. I figured out how to see her while im on fullscreen but she has a mac so we cant figure out how she can see me while shes on fullscreen. Both of our cameras are on. Does anyone know how to see the other person while your on fullscreen on a mac?

How do you see her when on fullscreen. You must have found a hidden feature :wink:

Before I enter fullscreen, when her camera is on, I hover over her and see this thing that says “picture in picture”. I click on it and then go into fullscreen and I can see her face while Im on fullscreen.

I see. You found a clever workaround here! But this is actually not a feature of Watch2Gether but of your browser which allows you to “pop out” any video on a site. If your friend uses the same browser this should work on a Mac as well!