Searching for roommates to hang out with

Iam searching for roommates with who i could hang out for days here on this awesome site. All nationalitys are appreciatet, iam from germany btw.

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Hey ich bin aus Österreich 12 Jahre alt und mir ist den ganzen Tag langweilig weil ich nicht weiß was ich machen soll… also schreib einfach wenn du Lust hast mal was zu machen…

Gut ich schreibe dir gleich so gegen 10 Uhr. Hast du noch Schule?

Nein bin krank also schreib mir einfach

Habe ich schon. Hier kannst du kommen

Come! Come! Every Saturday Night @ 10p.m PST

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Come hang with us and wave summer a fond farewell. 1 hour of music videos and some virtual company starting at 10 pm PST

hi add me im new to this im from Glasgow Scotland

Hi follow my link:

Live Now! :star_struck:

For those that can’t join us live on Saturday nights, we have made some of our playlists public for all of you! Enjoy these classic mixes at you leisure and remember we are live EVERY Saturday Night @ 10pm PST

Rock On

Hi, I’m from US but I’m Turkish. Can you add me?

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Yes, bende türküm :slight_smile:

Hi I’m up for hanging out and watching some stuff together

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We’re live right now!