Screensharing not working and showing a black screen

The screensharing funtion doesn’t work. When I share screen, on my tab I see it as if i’m sharing and everything is working, but for the other guests it shows as if the screen was black (sound not working either).
yesterday and other days prior I was able to do it with no issue, but today there’s just no case.

we try making other members share their screen to see if it was a mistake on my side but it had the same result.

browser URL: Your client's web browsing configuration - code: 4YBK2H4 -

Thanks for your feedback. There weren’t any changes to the screen-share feature recently. When the others tried to share the screen were you the only one who could not see it? You browser version should be fine!

each time one of us shared their screen, the other 2 were unable to watch the stream (and it would appear as if a black image was on the player)

I assume this was caused by a temporary network issue. If the problem persists please send me a screenshot to of you browser console while using the screen share feature. (Right click on the page > “Inspect” > Select the “Console” tab.