Samsung TV Viewer Issue

Hi, my friend on his Samsung Smart TV is able to join my room but he cannot see the video stream. On my screen, his “User-abcde” icon is not green but grayed out. He can see the left frame that shows the “Playlist/History” text but nothing is displayed underneath. The video frame on right is all black. On the bottom right corner where the green user avatar should be displayed, an icon that shows a picture of the speaker sound/green thumb-up/red thumb-down/Add sign/Yellow star is displayed instead.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I don’t have access to a Samsung SmartTV, therefore it’s difficult for me to reproduce this error. The browsers on SmartTVs are often not implementing all modern web features which are required to run complex web applications like Watch2Gether. I’ll have a look into this once i can get my hands on such a device.

Hi Florian,

Thanks for the quick response. You are absolutely correct. I found an article that confirms your assessment with Samsung SmartTV browser not supporting Flash, ActiveX nor HTML5.

The article below suggests other options -