Safari 10 Problems

I am a Safari 10 user and since last week i’ve not been able to use correctly Watch2Gether

The room seems to work fine, but when i try to put on a Video nothing happens (Unless i reload my page)
If i reload the page, the last video that has been picked starts playing, but i am not able to sync it nor stop it
Also some of my friends noticed that when i tried to get into any room i would not appear “Online”

(also Sorry for my bad english)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! There was an update last week which introduced some web technologies which are not supported in old browsers. The site should run fine from Safari 10.1 onward. If you can’t update to a newer version of Safari you can use Watch2Gether with any up to date version of Chrome or Firefox as well.

Uhm…are you sure it is from safari 10.1 onwards?

This is my current version of Safari


Sorry, i just checked it myself. It works from Safari 11 onward. Safari 10.x does not support the current web crypto API. You can’t update to 11? I hope you are fine using Watch2Gether in Chrome, Firefox or Opera otherwise.

Yeah, i had to install Chrome to make it work, since my PC doesn’t support the new OS Upgrade (I have Yosemite)

Kinda sad i had to change browser, but whatever, now the site works fine
Thanks for your support