Rooms no longer have a searchbar

Hello there
I was planning on doing a Movie night today with people from my discord
But when i came on my watch2gether room i do not have the searchbar any longer.
I tried creating a new room but there still is no searchbar.
Please fix this as soon as possible, i specifically planned this move night for friday the 13th!
Thank you.

Hi there… the search bar is now on the top of the page next to logo. Do you see it there?

Ah yes, Thank you xD. I’m a bit blind. Also if i click on the bar my video pops up in the corner in a smaller size and i can not scroll back up. Is that supposed to happen?

When you click on the minified player you will get back to normal view! Does that work for you?

Yes, Thank you! It worked.

Thanks for your feedback. I will try to make this clearer!