Room Webpage Not Loading (Spinning) on iPhones

Greetings. We have been hosting weekly watch parties for three weeks now, and a recurring problem has surfaced. Users with iPhones report the W2G watch party room will not load 4 out of 5 attempts; all that displays is a spinning wheel on the room’s page. The title of the page is properly displayed at the top, just nothing appears on the screen except a gray box and a spinning wheel. Laptops get into the room fine, and iPads are about a 50-50 success rate, but iPhones are problematic.

We have also been able to diagnose that it is worse when there are more people in the room, as there is intermittent success in joining the room on an iPhone when only a few people are in the room. Nobody on an iPhone has ever been able to get in when there are 10+ people in the room. I checked, and all of the iPhone users are using Safari 13. I asked those users to also download Chrome mobile and Firefox mobile, and the spinning wheel page load issue persists on an iPhone even using Chrome or Firefox.

Any suggestions? Is this a known issue? Thanks in advance for your help!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Where are the users with iPhones located? And how many users do you have in your room?

North of Seattle, in Snohomish County, Washington, USA. We have 15-20 users in the room usually. We had 15 tonight.

Thanks Jim, I just tried to reproduce this but so far i was always able to join my test room using an iPhone with Safari 13. Do you know if the iPhone users see the green “Join the Room” button before they enter the room? Does it make a difference when the iPhone users switch between mobile and wifi network?

Hi Florian - I have requested this information from those who were having difficulties, and will post a reply in about a week’s time, as our next watch party is Friday. I am also gathering info on the type of hardware and OS others are using with or without success. I’ll be in touch.

Thanks Jim, looking forward for the details!